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1. Story Submissions Wanted!
Pay: 25 per accepted story
Description: Electric Pulp is Open for Business!

Electric Pulp is a new magazine publishing short stories in the genres of Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery, and Fantasy. It’s accepting submissions right now for its second issue to be published in February 2015. This is a great opportunity for new writers to get published, get exposure, and get in on the ground floor of a brand spanking new magazine. Submissions should be between 3,000 and 10,000 words. Please list the genre of the story in the subject line of your response.
Go To: http://columbus.craigslist.org/wrg/4787033328.html

2. Blogger Needed
Pay: $10 per post
Description: I need someone whose first language is English and who is a moderately talented writer to write a handful of blog posts on legal topics for me. I’ll provide the topics and the pieces need to be 400 words each.

Pay: $10 per blog post

If you have been published anywhere, please send me a link or two.

Go To: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/wrg/4838766882.html

3. Looking for Short Stories – Paid (Anywhere)

Pay: $25 per chosen story of 200 – 500 words.

Description: I am a University Adjunct Professor of Biology looking for short, personal stories to include in a communication book targeted at undergraduate college students. These short stories or advice for students should come from you, a current or former college student. Ideally, I am looking for personal stories about a funny/challenging/inspiring communication event that you experienced. i.e. something you learned while writing a paper, something that happened to you during a presentation or something you learned while bringing a creative project to life. I am also looking for college student focused advice. For example, what advice could you give someone else or your younger self about communication or being successful in university life?

Go To: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/wrg/4831718591.html

4. screen writer needed for comedy story (Alexandria va)

Pay: Negotiable (TV script gig) (likely substantial, be sure to get a contract before you write it)

(Warning the poster does not use proper grammar, use heightened judgement when responding to this post as it may be a scam.)

Description: Hello, I’m a local tv producer for a public access chanel and I’m looking to produce my first show, I’m looking for a motivated writer to assist with screen writing and or story developement. The story will only Need to b 58 min long, we can discuss the pay and if we can come to an understanding there will also b much more stories to write


Go To: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/wrg/4830917883.html


5. Ghostwriter gay romcom to novel

Pay: $500-$1k

Hello. I’m an LGBT filmmaker who has several films on netflix. I need to turn these gay romantic comedies into novels that will also be made into kindle audio books. I have the screenplays and films
Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/ghostwriter-gay-romcom-to-novel/1103959&ItemNo=1&SearchUrl=search.aspx?


6. 1hr Research for one specific blog

Pay: 10 Dollars

Why colleges interview prospective students. Essay

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/1hr-research-for-one-specific-blog/1103956&ItemNo=2&SearchUrl=search.aspx?