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I apologize, I have been really busy lately and unable to post as frequently as I have wanted to. Without further delay here are 5 more.

1. Fiction Writer
Pay: Under $250

Description:We are looking for a writer of clean sweet romance to develop a long term relationship with. This job is for a 3K word short story that you can show off your talent for developing strong central characters, to tell a compelling story, and to conflict and resolution. You must show me, not tell me.

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/fiction-writer/1106972&ItemNo=2&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

2. Krav Maga Blog Writer


Description: Seeking an experienced Krav Maga practitioner with solid native English writing skills and the ability to develop creative 500-1000 word posts on various aspects of Krav Maga, self-defense, fitness (relating to Krav Maga), and other topics that may be of interest to other Krav Maga practitioners.

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/krav-maga-blog-writer/1106498&ItemNo=8&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

3. Creative Articles for Anxious Children?
 Pay: Under $250
Description: I’m looking for a creative writer that can take research-based techniques for anxiety relief for kids and write to a lay audience of parents in a way that touches them (and hopefully moves them
4. Paid Writers wanted (US BASED) Knowledge of Russia
 Pay: $30 per article.
Description: Looking for US based writers with knowledge of Russia and the ability to read in Russian, Write in English.

Writing will be on Culture within Russia and of Russian immigrants in America, politics in Russia, Economics in Russia. Usually this will be factual and not opinion based.

We would like you to be able to follow Russian news, and help us get stories out as quickly as possible.

Please get in touch for further information.
Go To: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wrg/4875603666.html

5. Splendour Magazine ISO Plus and Curvy Bloggers
Pay: $50 per article
Description: New media company, Also Sexy Media (http://www.alsosexymedia.com), dedicated towards the love of real women with natural curves. We are looking for curvy, thick, full figure, plus size, and voluptuous female writers to add to our magazine Splendour (http://www.splendourmag.com). We are looking for writers for the below subjects:

Entertainment blogger/writter
Music blogger/writter
Curvy Dating
Curvy Fitness

We prefer writers/bloggers who have a strong online presence and good use of social media. We are only able to pay $50 dollars an entry at this point but hope to increase in the future. Great place for a person still trying to find their audience.

Go To: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wrg/4872243404.html