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1. Fiction writer wanted

Price: $5.00 per page.

Description: Looking for a fiction writer. You will be given parts to incorporate into stories. Work at home on your own time schedule.

Go To: http://annarbor.craigslist.org/wri/4856264608.html

2.  Law Student Wanted, Blogger Position (Work From Home)

Price: $10 per post

Description: Law firm is looking to hire a law student on an as needed basis to write blog posts for the company website. The position pays $10 per completed blog.

Go To: http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/wrg/4858670769.html

3. Looking for writer (buffalo)

Price: $25/500words
Description: We are looking for an intern urban gossip writer.
We are a urban based website with a focus of gossip, music, news, current events, fashion and anything else relevant to pop culture. Applicants must be able to write 2-3 stories a day, 5 days a week.

If you are interested please reply now.

Go To: http://buffalo.craigslist.org/wrg/4871205670.html

4. Experienced Gamers Needed

Price: $45-$85 

Description: We are looking for experienced gamers to test and review new games. Reply for more info.

Go To: http://buffalo.craigslist.org/wrg/4832740229.html

5. Looking for a high quality fiction write

Price: Under $250

We are looking for a high quality fiction writer for Amish romance genre to write a full length novel. The genre is Amish romance. We will provide a research package done for you to under this genre…

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/looking-for-a-high-quality-fiction-write/1107751&ItemNo=14&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

6. Writer for a science book

Price: (Undetermined Bidding Just Started)

Competent and professional writer required for a science alternative health book

For a client we are seeking highly competent and professional English author to write 300 + pages scientific book.

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/writer-for-a-science-book/1107809&ItemNo=8&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

7. Compare and Contrast essay (My Assumption Is A Kid Cheating On His Homework)

Price: $20

Description: Need a 1200 Word compare and contrast essay written on Online shopping vs In-store shopping will pay $20.

Go To: http://erie.craigslist.org/wrg/4843061847.html

8. articles about Hawaii

 Price: 500-1k

Description: I’m looking for articles (about 300 – 500 words) that share what it’s like to visit/be in Hawaii…..anything and everything about Hawaii — targeted to people who haven’t been there but have always.

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/articles-about-hawaii/1107722&ItemNo=1&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

9. 7-10 page report about jogging

Price: Bidding has just started

I am looking for a fitness expert who can create a 7-10 page report about jogging and how it impacts the overall health as well as weight.

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/7-10-page-report-about-jogging/1107425&ItemNo=2&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

10. 10 articles on “Good Life & Save Money

Price: $10 per article

The budget is $10 per article so $100 in total.
This is for a native English speaker who has English as their first language.
• This is going to be an online series of 10 articles posted to my read.

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/10-articles-on-good-life-save-money-/1106458&ItemNo=4&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

11. Article Writers

Price: Under $250

Only apply If you can research and write content as on buzzfeed.com and viralnova.com

The articles need to be image oriented, more images..less content like buzzfeed.com

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/article-writers/1105308&ItemNo=7&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

12. Diet and weight loss Writers

Price: 500-1k

What we are looking for: A diet and weight loss writer with a good knowledge on diet and weight loss supplements/pills. In addition, you should also have a very good knowledge and experience in.

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/diet-and-weight-loss-writers/1104200&ItemNo=9&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

13. Find and add articles to our blog

Price: Under $250.


Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/find-and-add-articles-to-our-blog/1102671&ItemNo=11&SearchUrl=search.aspx?

14. Find and add articles to our blog

Price: 250


We are looking for someone that can find and curate(share/add) high quality content to our blog.

We have a blog that caters to writers and book authors who either have a book written or are looking.

Go To: http://www.guru.com/jobs/find-and-add-articles-to-our-blog/1102671&ItemNo=11&SearchUrl=search.aspx?