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1.  Glimmer Train

Pay: $700+


Submitting Your Stories To Glimmer Train


Things You Should Know:

We two sisters genuinely welcome new writers, and are happy to consider any original short story (no novels, poetry, or stories written for children, please) that has not appeared in a print publication. One of our greatest pleasures is being the first to publish a great story by an emerging voice.

We pay writers generously for accepted stories and publish them in a highly regarded physical publication where great fiction enjoys a physical existence that will persist. writer/reader comments

Every online submission in every category is read by us, and we don’t stop reading for a competition just because we’ve found a good story. (The Slush Pile)

We will always maintain three Standard (no-fee) reading months a year, so no one is prevented from submitting their work for lack of funds.

If you read Glimmer Train, you know that we go to some lengths to honor and support our contributors and their writing.

Glimmer Train tries to set the bar for treating writers well.

Go To: http://www.glimmertrain.com/writguid1.html

2. Cracked

Pay: $100-$200+

Description:What’s that, you say? You don’t think you’re capable of writing long list articles like Cracked is famous for? Good, we need you even more — we recently started running Quick Fixes, shorter content that can be read in a minute or less, in basically any goddamned format you can imagine. We’ve done quick insights into current events and pop culture, we’ve done comics, video reviews and more. We’ll take whatever else you can dream up, as long as it’s short, and good, and smart. We want your ideas. Don’t have any patience? Got a short attention span? Good. Readers will love you

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_19955_we-want-to-pay-you-to-write-us.html#ixzz3RyTbPYvB

Go To: http://www.cracked.com/article_19955_we-want-to-pay-you-to-write-us.html

3. VQR

Pay: For poetry, we pay $200 per poem, up to 4 poems; for a suite of 5 or more poems, we usually pay $1,000; for poems longer than 100 lines, the payment is usually higher. For prose, we generally pay approximately 25 cents per word, depending on length. For investigative reporting, we pay at a higher rate, sometimes including pre-approved travel expenses. Book reviews are generally 2,000-2,400 words and are paid at a flat rate of $500.


General Guidelines

We only consider unpublished work. Please do not submit previously published material, including work published in anthologies, chapbooks, or online.

We only accept submissions online via Submittable. We do not accept submissions via e-mail.

Please read past issues of VQR before submitting your work so you have a clear sense of our editorial focus. A portion of every issue is freely available on this site. Or you can purchase a recent issue at your local newsstand or bookstore, or directly from us.

Submissions are limited to two prose pieces and five poems every six months. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we have to place a limit on submission of new work until six months after your last submission, regardless of whether we have made a decision on your most recently submitted work.

If work you have submitted to us is accepted elsewhere, please notify us immediately. Eighty percent of submissions are reviewed within three months, but due to the large number we receive, 20% of responses are delayed for longer than three months. Please be patient with us; we receive between one and two thousand submissions each month. Responses will be provided by e-mail.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot respond personally to every submission. All files must be saved in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Plain Text (.txt) formats.

Please prepare your submission in letter-sized format, with ample margins, double-spaced, using a standard typeface (e.g., Times, Helvetica, Arial) and font size (12 point is best). Please use minimal document and font styling in your submission.

Go To: http://www.vqronline.org/about-vqr/submissions

4. Blue Mountain Arts

Pay: We pay $300 per poem for the worldwide, exclusive rights to publish it on a greeting card and other products, and $50 per poem for one-time use in a book. Publication procedures will be explained in detail prior to actually publishing your work.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Contemporary prose or poetry written from personal experience that reflects the thoughts and feelings people today want to communicate to one another, but don’t always know how to put into words. Because our cards capture genuine emotions on topics such as love, friendship, family, missing you, and other real-life subjects, we suggest that you have a friend, relative, or someone else in your life in mind as you write. Writings on special occasions (birthday, anniversary, congratulations, etc.), as well as the challenges, difficulties, and aspirations of life are also considered. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with our products prior to submitting material, but don’t study them too hard. We are looking for new, original, and creative writings that do not sound like anything we have already published.

Go To: http://www.sps.com/help/writers_guidelines.html

5. List Verse

Pay: $100


The rules are really pretty simple. As long as your list (and we do mean yours—don’t steal other people’s stuff) is over 1,500 words you can choose any topic you like. We also need you to link to reputable sources (see Section 7 for more details) so we can verify what you’re saying. Just remember—if it’s good enough to publish (by our standards) you get 100 bucks—simple as that.

To help you out with some ideas, the lists that our readers love the most (and the ones we will most likely pay for) are usually offbeat, looking at something normal in an unexpected way (ways college makes you dumb, for example), hidden knowledge (things most people don’t know), misconceptions, facts, and just really good general knowledge about anything—science, for example.

Oh—and there’s one more thing: If you have a blog, a Twitter account, or a book you want to promote, mention it in the submissions form and we will stick it at the bottom of your list.

Go To: http://listverse.com/write-get-paid/

6. The Sun

Pay: We pay from $300 to $2,000 for essays and interviews, $300 to $1,500 for fiction, and $100 to $200 for poetry. We also give contributors a complimentary one-year subscription to The Sun. We purchase one-time rights. All other rights revert to the author upon publication.

Description: We publish essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry. We tend to favor personal writing, but we’re also looking for provocative pieces on political and cultural issues. And we’re open to just about anything. Surprise us; we often don’t know what we’ll like until we read it.

Go To: http://thesunmagazine.org/about/submission_guidelines/writing

7. Chicken Soup For The Soul

Pay: $100-$200

Description: A Chicken Soup for the Soul story is an inspirational, true story about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. It is a story that opens the heart and rekindles the spirit. It is a simple piece that touches our readers and helps them discover basic principles they can use in their own lives. These stories are personal and often filled with emotion and drama. They are filled with vivid images created by using the five senses. In some stories, the readers feel that they are actually in the scene with the people.

Go To: http://www.chickensoup.com/story-submissions/story-guidelines

8. The Nation
Pay: Our standard payment for a comment is $150; for an article $350-$500 depending on length. Payment for arts pieces is dependent on length; generally $225 and up. In special cases, we will do all we can to assist writers in obtaining research grants to make ambitious projects possible.


We are a weekly journal of left/liberal opinion, covering national and international affairs as well as the arts. The magazine goes to press on Wednesdays.

We run two types of news items: comments (approximately 750 words), which are brief analyses of news developments, e.g., a Supreme Court decision or a change of government in Mexico; and articles (typically 1500-2500 words), which combine reporting and analysis to provide in-depth looks at issues.

On the domestic front, we are particularly interested in civil liberties, civil rights, labor, economics, environmental and feminist issues and politics. Because we have readers all over the country, it’s important that stories have national significance. In our foreign affairs coverage, we are interested in pieces on international political, economic and social developments. We are strongly committed to investigative reporting. We are always interested in new writers; we published Ralph Nader’s first piece.

Go To: http://www.thenation.com/submission-guidelines

9. Foundation For Economic Education

Pay: $50-$100


We welcome the opportunity to consider compelling thoughtful articles exploring the principles underlying a free society: private property, the rule of law, voluntary exchange, individual rights, morality, self-responsibility, charity, mutual aid, and limitations on power. We publish nonfiction articles that areaccessible to intelligent lay readers—particularly young people.

Although a necessary part of the literature of freedom is the analysis of collectivist and interventionist errors, we emphasize the positive case for freedom in the political, social and economic spheres. We avoid name-calling and partisan politics. We do not advocate political action as a cure for problems caused by government intervention. We want to set out the vision of a free society, leaving transition measures largely to other organizations.

Go To:  http://fee.org/freeman/page/submissions

10. Poetry Foundation

Pay: Payment is made on publication at the rate of $10 per line (with a minimum payment of $300), and $150 per page of prose, for first serial rights. All rights will revert to the author upon publication. Authors will also receive two contributor copies of the issue in which their work appears.

Description: We examine all work received and accept that which seems best. We consider original works written in the English language as well as translations of poetry into English. We regret that the volume of submissions received and the small size of our staff do not permit us to give individual criticism.

Go To: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/submissions

11. Knitty

Pay: $75-$100


We invented First Fall on the trade show floor in Columbus, Ohio, to fulfill a need — giving knitters something to knit in the heat of summer for the cooler fall that’s soon to come. We now define First Fall with a single word: transition. The change between hot and cool, when you need something to take the chill off your shoulders. We also included the dreaded task of Holiday knitting…because there’s never enough time to knit the gifts you want to knit by the time the Holidays actually arrive!

When it comes to WHAT should be included in a First Fall issue, it’s quite simple: layers. Lighter cardigans are perfect, as are shawls and other wrappy sort of things. Lighter materials are also called for…no angora or mohair. Think wool blended with cotton, and other fibers that don’t require sub-zero temperatures to be comfortably worn. Think also about winter gifts and accessories, like hats, scarves, mittens and gloves, socks and other whimsies (things we can’t possibly know about because they’re crazy and you haven’t invented them yet).

Go To:  http://www.knitty.com/subguide.php