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1. Romance writers wanted. Pitch me your stories. Use your imagination to create stories
Pay: $250 – $750
Project Description:


I am looking for 3 to 5 Romantic stories written in a series, between 20,000 words each. There will be a lot of creative freedom in this project do to the fact that I do not have a specific plot or outline. The story will be up to you. I prefer to stay away from the more explicit erotica, but spicy love scenes are welcome and encouraged. If quality is great, more work is guaranteed for a LONG time to come.

– Do you have a GRIPPING Romance fictional story inside of you that you are dying to write about and have me publish to Amazon Kindle?

– IMPORTANT – This MUST be unique content and a unique story line. NO part of your story should be found ANYWHERE else. Not even on your own blogs or in other books, magazines, etc.

– Your story MUST be in the ROMANCE genre

– You should be an experienced fiction writer, good at developing characters, good at writing compelling story lines (compelling beginning to end is especially important in a short story), and able to show me other publications of your other works.

– NOTE – You should also be very adept at writing a CLIFF HANGER at the end of your story. The Reason? Think soap operas / daytime dramas / “The Young and The Restless”! One show leads into the next with a series of cliff hangers that makes the audience HAVE to watch the next episode.

…In other words, if this book does reasonably well, I will keep bringing you back to write more “episodes”! (ie – to keep adding/writing more books in your short story series!)

– YOUR name will not appear on the book. full ownership, royalties and rights stay with me


Detailed Requirements:

Written by a NATIVE English writer

ORIGINAL WORK – plagiarism not tolerated

A font size of 12 points

Times new roman font type

SINGLE spaced

With margins no more than 1 inch on all sides (left, right, to, bottom)

(MANDATORY) – I also need you to include a 2-4 paragraph sales summary / description of your story, that teases/entices readers to buy

By applying/accepting this job you agree this is a WORK FOR HIRE situation. This is ghostwriting so you will own no rights to the work or parts of the work and you understand/agree your name will not appear anywhere on/in the work, nor can you share/sell/give away the work at any time.

****Please also attach a sample of your work in your reply to this message.

Thank you for taking a look at this project and I look forward to developing a long lasting working relationship with you

Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Ghostwriting/Romance-writers-wanted-Pitch-your/

2. Short Ebook Writer Wanted! Will Give Bonuses For Quality Work!
Pay: $30 – $250
Description: Project Description:

I produce short and informative e-books on a variety of non-fiction topics.
I am looking for a high quality writer to work with on a regular basis, so if you produce quality work there will be a lot more to come.

My requirements are:
-You must’ve written a non-fiction ebooks before.

– You must be a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer. If you don’t have a good grasp on western English sentence structure please doesn’t apply.

– You must have good research skills and be able to find high quality information across a variety of topics. I will give generally give you the book title with a brief outline and it will be up to you to find and structure the relevant content to write the book.

– You must produce original content. All books are run through plagscan and/or copyscape. They need to be 100% original. I will give you 7 days per job.

– You must be timeliness – The faster you produce these (with high quality) the more future work you will get.
-You must be able to produce quality ebook outlines that will provide value and help the reader

Please quote the phrase “blue octopus” at the top of your application to ensure you have read through this description.

Each book will be from 7,000 to 10,000 words in length. Payment will be $1/100 words.

Please provide any relevant examples of previous work.

Looking forward to building a solid working partnership with you.

Thank you
Additional Project Description:

04/08/2015 at 7:19 EDT
If you go to my website URL at: http://www.ronpriceepoch.com/index.html …you will gain access to over 100 potential ebooks. I leave it to your reading and surveying my material to decide if it fits your requirements.

04/08/2015 at 21:49 EDT
I do not need any freelance people because I can’t pay anyone; I am a pensioner; I’m new at this site and ticked the wrong box asking for freelance writers. What I want is for someone to view my site and make my 60 books into ebooks. Whoever does this can have 40% of the money made from the sale of those ebooks. Contact me at: ronprice9@gmail.com if you are interested.
Go TO: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Ghostwriting/Short-Ebook-Writer-Wanted-Will-7448785/

3. children fiction book – open to bidding
Pay: $250 – $750
Description:I have written a 46,000 children book and I’m looking for an editor who can edit it in the best way. How much would you charge for a 46,000 word manuscript?
Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Ghostwriting/children-fiction-book-open-bidding/

4. Short script for a book – open to bidding
Pay: $25 – $50 / hr
Description: May I please ask you if you can help with the short script for a book?

The story is about a boy nine years old and his brother who died. One boy is about four and another is about nine years old. The boy lost his brother and it is difficult to realize the loss, physical absence. His parent are also sad and sometimes he found his mother crying. The boy is walking in the forest near the city, where he sees birds, trees, stars on the sky. He is looking to the city from the hill and thinking… about past, about time when they were together. He sees black sky and stars and the moon…

My intention is to make a book, which will help young person to understand and go through the departure of the family member. I think that it will be beneficial to work together on the story and the approach. Let me know your opinion, please.

There are several books, which are devoted to the subject of death, see these two:


The volume of the book will be15-30 pages. Very short sentences or no next at all, just an illustrated story. I have found several artists who are willing to participate but really, I need to provide a script.

I have consulted the psychologist. Children under four years old do not quite understand death. Four to six tend to think that person has gone somewhere and are desperately waiting them to return. After six the understanding of the death becoming real – death is perceived and irreversible.

Several sketches attached.

Please excuse me if this email was unwanted.
Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/creative-writing/Short-script-for-book-open/

5. Write an Amazing Steamy Erotica Story!
Pay: $75 – $85

Hello freelancers! My name is Peter.

I’m looking for a quality writer that can write steamy erotica e-books for me. These e-books will be written for predominantly female readers, so you must know what type of material captivates the female mind!

You must be able to demonstrate the ability to create unique scenarios with jaw-dropping twists! In addition, building suspense is also a key factor that I am looking for.

I need an 8K word story written. I will give you a couple different themes that you can choose from, but I will leave the content of the story fully to your imagination!

There’s a very good chance this will be long-term, so be prepared to write more e-books in the future.

My rate for this project is $10 per 1,000 words.

Here are some of my qualifications:

1) Only interested in native English speakers.

2) Only interested in writers who believe in high quality writing and will submit work that is proofread and edited. I am not interested in having to spend time and money fixing the writing myself!

3) Only interested in authors who strictly write stories solely in the romance/erotica genres.

I will need three things from you:

1) At least two samples of erotica/romance stories that you’ve written.

2) A basic outline of an erotica story (a brand new story created by you… on the spot, this very second) with a fabulous twist to it! I want to see what types of storylines and twists you can think of. This doesn’t have to be long, but at least 3-4 sentences in order to demonstrate the creative genius within you!

3) Explain how you intend to captivate the female reader. How will you write? What will you write about? In your opinion, what captures the female mind within an erotica story? Remember, these stories will be for female readers so these e-books will have to appeal to the female eye.

I will own all rights to the book in all countries, and will be reviewing the book to make sure that it isn’t copied — no other payments will be rendered past the terms stated in this agreement.

No payment will be rendered for plagiarism – I will conduct a comparative research to ensure the work is 100% original.

I’m looking forward to a long working relationship

Thank you
Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Ghostwriting/Write-Amazing-Steamy-Erotica-Story/

6. Content Writing
Pay: $250 – $750
Description: e-learning – video – websites
Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Articles/Content-Writing-7453119/

7. *The Shrink Ray -Erotica
Pay: $30 – $250
Description: Joey shrinks his best friend Ben. *20 page minimum, 11 size font single space*
Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Ghostwriting/The-Shrink-Ray-Erotica-7452882/

8. Content Writing
Project Description:
Pay; $250 – $750
UKR Inc is Software and IT based company established 10 years ago. we are looking for content writing for our website which focuses on Mobile Development with Integrate enterprise solutions. Software development and Application Development.
Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Articles/Content-Writing-7450713/

9.Content Writing
Pay: $250 – $750
Description: Unique opportunity to create content in a visual tool that will lead the user down a how to path or a decision. Have to be a creative thinker, be self-motivated and to be able to come up with and research content for these how-to’s and decisions. Also willing to learn a new data flow diagram style tool. Small project could lead to alot more if like the content. A couple samples of what these look like is attached. Please let us know references.
Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Content-Writing/Content-Writing-7445155/

10.Explaining social media for small businesses
PAy: $250 – $750
I need a paragraph about why consistent branding is needed for a business, generally.

I need a description of why branding is necessary for the online presence of a business. A few short paragraphs.

I need copy about several social media sites:
* What makes it a useful tool
* Why it should be branded and optimized
* How to use it to drive traffic to a website
* How to get heard on that site
* Why is it different from other sites
* What are the demographics of people using that site
* How to monetize that profile
* Why it would be helpful to have a professional set each of these up

~ Facebook pages
~ Facebook profiles
~ Twitter
~ LinkedIn
~ Youtube
~ Google+
~ Pinterest
~ Instagram
~ Yelp

Keywords / Phrases to Utilize: Social media help | online branding support | DIY marketing | Social Media For Business | DIY marketing for small business | Social media help | online branding support

These should not be dense: I’m seeking simple, to the point, lots of bullet points and small paragraphs, but still needs to be thorough. Imagine it’s a collection of simple, short blog posts.

You can be playful (professionally) and creative. This information is not meant to teach them how to set up social media: it’s meant to teach them why social media should be set up by a professional (me) without it coming across as sales material.

I am also seeking someone to use consistently for this sort of copy.
Go To: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Articles/Explaining-social-media-for-small/