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Entry Level Writer, find paid writing gigs

At Entry level writer it’s our mission to help you find paid writing gigs

The Rag Submissions

Pay: 5 cents a word.

Description: The Rag Lit Mag (www.raglitmag.com) needs your best short fiction. Rather than the typical, drab literature all too common to the traditional world of lit mags, we want your literary guts and steel–your most engaging stories that grab ahold and don’t let go.

The Rag is an online magazine targeting the e-readers markets, exclusively (i.e we publish in Kindle/EPUB and PDF formats). This allows us to save money on materials and distribution, which allows us to remain one of the higher-paying independent magazines on the market. We publish one story per month and distribute it free, via our website and monthly newsletter. You can find our submission guidelines and submit your work here through Submittable (https://raglitmag.submittable.com/submit), and you can read The Rag for free before submitting, by simply downloading the stories available on our website (www.raglitmag.com). We suggest anyone interested in submitting read The Rag first, so as to get a feel for the kind of content we typically publish.

Go To: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wrg/5033367467.html

Mystery Writers Wanted! Mystery Book Job

Pay: $1 per page

Description: We are looking for talented writers who can create a great mystery story with twists and turns that can surprise readers and keep them on the edge of their seats. The main character and her sidekick should be strong, likable, witty, and smart and able to reach the readers and have a connection. Having a good well thought out plot that leads to suspense is also important. The story will have an animal sidekick so keep that in mind. Not looking for sex or any excessive violence either. It will be very “PG” with little to no explicit material.

The pay will be $60 per book, at 60 pages per book. The pay is essentially $1 per page. We calculate page length by microsoft word.

We will give you the plot outline when we select you for the job.

How to apply:

-Please tell us your fiction and mystery writing experience in the proposal
-Please submit a mystery/fiction writing sample with your proposal
-Please give us your story ideas pertaining to the topic if you have them

We are looking to hire someone immediately! If we like your work, we will hire you for multiple books, we could even make a series together!

Go To: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wrg/5033226554.html

Fashion blogger with TriBeCa

Pay: Up to $250

Description: Jewelry store looking for a 2 posts a month with more ramping up in the fall/holidays
with more posts and jewelry love stories
provide samples and your blog if possible

Go To: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wrg/5019924109.html

Open call for Screenplays

Pay: $500-$1500

Description: A well told story is hard to find. And we are looking everywhere.

We are a development and production company. Recently completed our first project, have our second one in postproduction and the next one in preproduction. All of them deal with important themes of life, and challenge current ways of thinking about generosity, wealth, the relationship between technology and spirituality, the personal and ethical paradoxes of assisted suicide.

We are looking to find amazing new stories, to inspire and dare to challenge how we see the world. We want to option these stories to add them to our catalogue and get them produce in the next year or two.

Here are the elements we are looking for in these stories:

1. It needs to have a story component that goes beyond entertainment. Be it a social message, a commentary on humanity, whatever it is, it’s that element that inspires people to change their own life. You as a writer want to make a statement, what is that statement?
2. It cannot have more that 3 main locations (different sets within the locations and short scenes on other locations are ok too).
3. Genres: Clever Comedies (think The Invention of Lying, I Heart Huckabees) Realist Sci-fi (think Primer, Pi, Another Earth), Character Driven (think Half Nelson, Birdman), Psychological Thriller.

If you’d like us to read your screenplay or novel or manuscript reply to this email and make sure to include:

1. A bio or cover letter or something like that.
2. Synopsis of the screenplays you have ready. (make sure you have them at least registered in the WGA, and/or fully copyright protected, please!)
3. How do you see your story having an impact in the world? (just one paragraph is good, but write as much as you want)
4. Any other writing credits we should know off?

** if your story is not exactly what we are looking for above, but you think it might be somewhat similar, send it our way too.

Thank you very much. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Go To: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wrg/5014734449.html

Bloggers needed ASAP (Anywhere)


Bloggers wanted for a leading women’s website focused on health and wellness. Responses needed ASAP, today or tomorrow at the latest. Work will be completed remotely.

• Must blog about menopause
• Must be 40 years-old or older
• Must have minimum 20K+ monthly site visitors
• Must have minimum 10K+ social media following between Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest
• Must have high-quality, current social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
• Must have a blog with at least 5 posts per month

Minimum payment $100. Content details upon reply.


We here at Entry Level Writer hope that these gigs will help you start off your writing career