Blog Mutt

So I’ve come across a website called and it may be useful. It’s a blog posting website that pays 8 dollars per accepted article. Articles are 250 words and while you can’t support yourself on this, it does offer fairly consistent side work.

Apparently, as you move up they offer longer assignments up to the 1200 word one that pays 72 usd.

The good:

#1: It pays 8 dollars per accepted page and I can crank out 3 pages an hour.

#2: They pay more for longer assignments (like $72 for 1200 words), you get access to longer ones as you level

#3: You can write as many articles as you want

#4: The companies can hire you on a more permanent basis to write blog articles

The bad:

#1: Your article has to be accepted to be paid (they have a 90% average acceptance rate.

#2: Sometimes customers take weeks to review your submitted article

#3: It’s ghostwriting and you do not get credit

#4: You have to be tested before they accept you

#5: They invoice via paypal