Writing Websites Of Note

These are writing links that I grew up with. I hope they help you like they helped me.



Basically this is a site where you can get reviews on your work. It costs money per month, but you can really get good advice here. You can get good advice, compete for ranking, find prompts and run competitions. The only complaint I have is that if you try to rank on here, there is an oligarchy of old ladies that will down vote you.



The self-publishing page of amazon kindle. I’ve made over 11k in book sales via kdp so far. If you’re willing to try self-publishing this is the first place I’d recommend. Be sure to use their free book promotions to get initial traffic.



This is a site like KDP, many writers use it in conjunction with KDP to get their books to be available everywhere. Make sure not to sign up with KDP select if you want to sell books here too.



This site is a pay site that will give you a giant list of magazine’s looking for publication. I used this for a long time until I learned how to find gigs for myself.



It’s a place where you can get reviews on a novel. You can post a whole novel here. If you are the top book in this cutthroat tropia of old ladies competing to be seen, you’ll get a chance to have your book read by a major publishing house. You’re going to have to cut down some grannies to get there first though (seriously, this is ultra-cutthroat and to get anywhere near the top you’ll have to have tons of friends on here).

Absolute Write


Basically a giant forum for writers. People talk about writing, publishing and the whole shebang here.


This website has a great starting point for headlines and post titles and can help you in that area.


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